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At BBCCC we view children as competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, individuals who are rich in potential. We believe that all children have the right to quality care and education in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. environment facilitates learning opportunities while supporting social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of children. Our philosophy is based on child development principles, centering on the concept of interaction and exploration during play as a natural way of learning. As children interact with materials and their peers, they clarify and extend their understanding of the world. This also encourages children to become responsible, productive, problem solving individuals, capable of independence and self-regulation. At BBCCC we see families as experts who understand their children and must play an active role in their development. Ongoing communication and open dialogue is crucial for a child’s continuous learning. We engages with families through an open door policy, daily reports and newsletters.
September 10th 2018
Reopening of Building Blocks Childcare Centre
Qualified Early Childhood Educators
Building Blocks Programs
Healthy habits learned early will last a lifetime & involve children in: Gross motor movements to increase range of motion, flexibility, co-ordination, hand-eye movements, fine motor movements to increase dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination and building their tiny muscles and activities that build their confidence & increases team building skills. Explore science and gain an understanding of math to enhance cognition but is fun too! By participating in our program children will: Learn how things work, be better prepared for school, gain confidence and increase their team building skills.

Our Infant Program starts at the early age of six months through to 18 months,

and has been specially designed to create a warm and secure environment for infants as an extension of their home. Our teachers work collaboratively with parents to ensure consistency with the infant’s daily schedule; including nap times, play times and feeding times between home and our centre. The Center’s loving and nurturing atmosphere helps infants develop a sense of trust, autonomy, encourages curiosity and motivates learning. A variety of toys, games, stuffed animals, pull and push equipment and music is available as infants grasp new ideas, discover language, crawl and walk, all while growing into little independent people.

The ratio in the toddler program is one teacher for every five children,

with a maximum of 18 children and three teachers per room. In our toddler program, each child’s individual needs are met by flexible scheduling, including structured indoor and outdoor activities. Developmentally appropriate activities foster the growth of self-help skills, language development, social awareness and positive, non-aggressive problem solving skills in each child. The Center’s classrooms provide a stimulating environment, where the teachers work together in planning daily activities to meet the developmental goals of the children. BBCCC strives to provide an environment which contains a wide variety of materials that are challenging, familiar and loved. The teachers encourage different kinds of play and activities designed to enhance and focus a wide range of your child’s skills, including construction, role play, gross motor, problem solving, discovering, communicating, creating, imagining, reading, writing, numbers, space and measurement. During your child’s time in the toddler program, their teachers will work closely with you to help your child transition through the stage of potty training. Our goal is for each child to enter into the preschool program either being potty trained or in the process.

The ratio in the preschool program is one teacher for every eight children,

with a maximum of 24 children and three teachers or 16 children and two teachers. We believe children should be in small intimate groupings with a primary caregiver, where they can build trusting relationships in order to feel secure enough to explore the world around them. Each child is valued as an individual and is encouraged at the earliest age to become a responsible, independent, productive, problem solving person. We encourage all children in our preschool program to participate in both large and small group activities. These include dramatic, play, arts and crafts, sensory experiences, cooking, woodworking, small and large motor activities, outdoor play and special field trips. Our teachers strive to provide a curriculum that focuses on the child’s entire development, and help prepare them for entry into the school system. The teachers work together to facilitate programming that is educational, fun and keeps the children’s interests engaged. Lesson plans are available for parents to review on bulletin boards in each classroom.
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